Styloholics Sizzle Reel

Styloholics showcases trends in beauty, personal care and style. Styloholics mantra is “Have a healthy addiction with style and Living- Find the style in you!” Hosted by internationally acclaimed model and actress Pooja Batra, the show focuses on style from head to toe. Each episode will have three segments:

1) NEW STYLE: Fashion trends in hair, makeup, and clothes
Pooja will showcase various stylists, hairdressers, image consultants and experts from the beauty industry to share tips on how to make trends work for everyone. This segment features makeovers for teens and adults showing how small changes create a big impact on style.




2) HEALTH STYLE: Diet, exercise, and health tips
Pooja will interview physicians, trainers, dietitians, health experts to showcase exercises, diets, treatments, and meditation techniques to enhance body, mind, and soul wellness. A How-To section with each expert will be used for both this segment and for online webisodes.


3) STAR STYLE: What makes a international fashion icon?
Pooja will sit down with celebrities across the globe to find out what makes their style statement unique, and discover what are there star style essentials.

Styloholics Sizzle Reel

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